Morels and False Morels
5 genera
32 species
0 subspecies and varieties
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Gyromitra ancilisthick cup, pig's ears
Gyromitra californicaCalifornia false morel, umbrella false morel
Gyromitra esculentaelephant-ears, edible Gyromitra, lorchel, lorel, beefsteak morel, conifer false morel, edible morel, brain mushroom
Gyromitra infulahooded false morel, saddle-shaped false morel
Gyromitra montanasnow mushroom, the walnut
Distribution: Occurs in early summer, often near melting snowbanks.
Helvella acetabulumribbed-stalked cup, vinegar cup, brown-ribbed elfin-cup
Helvella atradark elfin saddle
Helvella compressacompressed elfin saddle
Helvella crispafluted white Helvella, wavy lorchel, white saddle, saddleback
Helvella elasticabrown elfin saddle, slender-stalked Helvella, smooth-stalked Helvella, flexible lorchel
Distribution: H. elastica occurs in summer and fall in both conifer and hardwood forests.
Helvella leucomelaenasooty cup, white-footed elfin cup, white-footed elfin-cup
Distribution: H. leucomelaena is found in spring and early summer in conifer forests, especially along paths and roadsides.
Helvella macropuslong-stalked gray cup, scurfy elfin-cup, felt saddle
Helvella maculatafluted brown elfin saddle
Helvella vespertinafluted black elfin saddle, black Helvella, fluted black Helvella
Morchella brunneanatural black morel
Morchella importunanorthwest landscape morel
Morchella populiphilawestern half-free morel
Morchella snyderiSnyder's morel
Rhizina undulatacrustlike cup, rooting fairy cup, doughnut fungus, pine fire fungus
Verpa bohemicaearly bell morel, early morel, wrinkled thimble morel, wrinkled thimble, wrinkled thimble-cap
Verpa conicabell morel, thimble morel, smooth thimble mushroom, smooth thimble-cap
Distribution: It is a widespread but uncommon species that fruits early in the spring in a variety of habitats including montane conifer forests.