Muskroot Family
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Sambucus nigra
Distribution: Widely distributed throughout Washington; southern British Columbia south to California, east to western Montana and New Mexico.
Habitat: Valley bottoms and open slopes where not too dry, from near sea level to moderate elevations in the mountains.
Origin: Native
Flowers: May-July
ssp. caerulea – blue elde, blue elder, blue elderberry
Sambucus racemosa
Distribution: Widely distributed throughout much of Washington; ranging throughout the United States and Canada, except the southern States.
Habitat: A wide variety of areas, typically in forests, fields, and wet areas.
Flowers: March-July
var. melanocarpa – black elderberry
var. racemosa – coast red elderberry
Viburnum edulehigh-bush cranberry, squashberry
Distribution: Widely distributed on both sides of the Cascades in Washington; Alaska south to Newfoundland, south to northern Oregon, Colorado and Pennsylvania.
Habitat: Moist woods and swamps.
Origin: Native
Flowers: May-July
Viburnum ellipticumwestern blackhaw, oval-leaved viburnum
Distribution: West of the Cascades in Washington; southern Washington to northern California.
Habitat: Thickets, bottom lands and open woods.
Origin: Native
Flowers: May-June
Viburnum opulushighbush cranberry
Distribution: Scattered localities throughout Washington; British Columbia south to the Columbia River Gorge, east to Idaho and Montana.
Habitat: Moist woods at low to moderate elevations.
Origin: Native
Flowers: May-July
var. americanum – American bush cranberry, cranberry-tree
var. opulus – high-bush cranberry