Barberry Family
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10 species
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Achlys californicadeer's-foot
Distribution: On both sides of the Cascades and in the Olympic Mountains in Washington; British Columbia south to California.
Habitat: Moist areas in deep woods to open parks.
Origin: Native
Flowers: April-July
Achlys triphylladeerfoot, sweet-after-death, vanillaleaf
Distribution: Both sides of the Cascades in Washington; British Columbia south to California.
Habitat: Moist areas in deep woods to forest openings.
Origin: Native
Flowers: April-July
Berberis darwiniidarwin's barberry
Distribution: Occasional near the coast in Oregon and California.
Habitat: Prefers high humidity; rarely escapes cultivation
Origin: Introduced
Berberis julianaewintergreen barberry
Distribution: Occurring in lowlands west of Cascades crest in Washington; also in Mississippi and New York.
Habitat: Disturbed, shrubby areas at low elevations, often where wet or marshy.
Origin: Introduced
Flowers: May-June
Berberis thunbergiiJapanese barberry
Distribution: Sparingly introduced in Washington; escaped throughout central and eastern United States and Canada.
Habitat: Disturbed areas
Origin: Introduced
Flowers: April-May
Berberis vulgariscommon barberry, European barberry
Distribution: Introduced as an ornamental, occasionally escaping.
Habitat: Dry, waste ground.
Origin: Introduced
Flowers: March - May
Mahonia aquifoliumholly-leaf Oregon-grape, shining Oregongrape, tall Oregongrape
Distribution: Widely distributed throughout Washington; southern British Columbia south to Northern California, east to northern Idaho and western Montana.
Habitat: Sagebrush slopes and open woods.
Origin: Native
Flowers: March-May
Mahonia nervosaCascade Oregon-grape, dull Oregongrape
Origin: Native
Mahonia repenscreeping Oregon-grape
Distribution: Occurring chiefly east of the Cascades crest in Washington; British Columbia south to California, east to the Rocky Mountains.
Habitat: Foothills to open forested slopes.
Origin: Native
Flowers: April-June
Vancouveria hexandrawhite inside-out-flower
Distribution: West of the Cascades, south Puget Trough, Washington, to northern California
Habitat: Moist, shady woods, low to moderate elevations
Origin: Native
Flowers: May - June