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Daedalea quercinamaze-gill fungus, oak maze-gill
Fomitopsis cajanderirosy polypore
Fomitopsis officinalisquinine conk, enfant-du-pin, larch fungus, quinine fungus, larch polypore
Fomitopsis pinicolared-belted bracket, red-belt conk, red-belted polypore, redbelt
Habitat: Occurs on conifers and hardwoods.
Ischnoderma resinosumresinous polypore
Habitat: Occurs on conifers and hardwoods.
Laetiporus conifericolachicken-of-the-woods, chicken mushroom, sulphur shelf
Habitat: living trees, logs, stumps, snags, and even utility poles.
Phaeolus schweinitziidyer's mazegill, dye polypore, dyer's polypore
Habitat: Terrestrial, at the root of living conifers
Piptoporus betulinusbirch conk, razorstrop fungus, birch polypore
Pycnoporellus alboluteusorange sponge polypore
Distribution: It occurs throughout the western mountains, and also has been reported occasionally from the northeastern U.S. and eastern Canada
Habitat: common high-mountain fungus in spring and summer, fruiting on conifer logs, especially those of spruce, and occasionally on aspen