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Suillus albivelatusnorthern pine bolete
Habitat: S. albivelatus occurs in mixed conifer forests and appears to be associated with pines.
Suillus americanusAmerican slippery cap, American slippery jack, chicken-fat Suillus
Suillus brevipesshort-stemmed bolete, short-stemmed slippery jack, stubby-stalk, short-stalked Suillus
Habitat: It occurs primarily with two-needle pines during late summer and fall
Suillus caerulescensfat jack, blue-staining Suillus, Douglas-fir Suillus
Habitat: Occurs with Douglas fir
Suillus cavipeshollow bolete, hollow-stalked larch bolete, hollow-foot, hollow-stalked tamarack jack, hollow-stemmed tamarack jack, hollow stalk, hollow-stalked larch Suillus
Habitat: associated with larch when it occurs in the PNW.
Suillus granulatusgranulated bolete, milk bolete, weeping bolete, dotted-stalked slippery jack, granulated slippery jack, dotted-stalk Suillus
Suillus grevilleielegant bolete, larch bolete, tamarack jack, larch Suillus
Habitat: Associated with larch.
Suillus lakeiLake's bolete, western painted bolete, matte jack, Lake's slipperycap, western painted Suillus
Habitat: Occurs under Douglas fir.
Suillus luteusslippery jack
Suillus neoalbidipespale slipperycap
Suillus ochraceoroseusrosy bolete, rosy larch bolete
Habitat: Occurs with larch in higher and interior conifer forests, mostly in late spring and summer.
Suillus placiduswhite Suillus
Suillus ponderosusheavy bolete
Suillus pseudobrevipesveiled short-stemmed slippery jack, pine slipperycap
Suillus punctatipes
Habitat: S. punctatipes is common in our moist conifer forests in fall, sometimes appearing in substantial numbers with true fir and western hemlock.
Suillus sibiricusSiberian slippery jack
Suillus subolivaceusslippery Jill, olive-capped Suillus
Suillus tomentosuswoolly pine bolete, blue-staining slippery jack, poor man's slippery jack, tomentose Suillus, woolly-capped Suillus, woollycap
Distribution: Very common and abundant in the PNW.
Habitat: S. tomentosus occurs primarily under lodgepole and shore pines.
Suillus umbonatusjellied bolete, slim jack, umbonate slippery jack
Distribution: It is broadly distributed in the Northern Hemisphere.
Habitat: It is rather abundant at times in lodgepole pine forests in late summer and early fall, and in shore pine woodlands in fall, sometimes growing in clusters and lining the edges of moist depressions.
Suillus viscidusgrayish larch bolete
Habitat: Associated with larch.
Truncocolumella citrinacitrine false truffle, stalked yellow Trunc
Distribution: Broad Broad