cow-parsnip, hogweed
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Heracleum mantegazzianumgiant hogweed
Distribution: Occurring west of the Cascades crest in the Puget Trough lowlands in Washington; southwestern British Columbia to Oregon, also in eastern North America.
Habitat: Disturbed areas often associated with residential development; Class A noxious weed.
Origin: Introduced from Eurasia
Flowers: June-July
Growth Duration: Perennial
Heracleum maximumAmerican cow-parsnip, American hogweed
Distribution: Widely distributed on both sides of the Cascades crest in Washington; Alaska to California, east across North America except in the southeastern U.S.
Habitat: Moist areas, including meadows and forest edge from low to middle elevations.
Origin: Native
Flowers: June-August
Growth Duration: Perennial