primrose-willow, water purslane
Jussiaea [HC]
3 species
1 subspecies and varieties
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Ludwigia hexapetalafalse loosestrife, water primrose
Distribution: Scattered locations throughout Washington; along Columbia River near Portland, OR, introduced in much of North America.
Habitat: Swamps, lakes, and streams.
Origin: Introduced from South America
Flowers: June-August
Ludwigia palustrismarsh primrose-willow
Distribution: West side of the Cascades and along the Columbia River in Washington; widespread in North America, Africa and Eurasia.
Habitat: Marshes and bogs.
Origin: Native
Flowers: July-September
Ludwigia peploidesfloating primrose-willow
Origin: Introduced
ssp. montevidensis – floating primrose-willow