alfalfa, bur-clover, medic
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Medicago arabicaspotted medic
Distribution: Occurring chiefly west of the Cascades crest in Washington; British Columbia south to California, east to Montana; also in the central, southern, and northeastern U.S.
Habitat: Disturbed areas including wastelots, roadsides and fields.
Origin: Introduced
Flowers: April-July
Medicago lupulinahop clover, black medic
Distribution: Widely distributed throughout Washington; widely distributed throughout much of North America.
Habitat: Waste places and sandy or gravelly soil.
Origin: Introduced
Flowers: April-August
Medicago minimaburr medick
Distribution: Sparingly introduced in the Pacific Coast states, and some states in the southern and eastern United States
Habitat: Escaped from cultivation
Origin: Introduced
Flowers: March - June
Medicago polymorphatoothed medick
Distribution: Introduced from Europe and found almost throughout the United States; escecially abundant west of the Cascades and Sierra Nevada.
Habitat: Waste ground and disturbed areas, mostly at low elevations.
Origin: Introduced
Flowers: March - June
Medicago sativaalfalfa, lucerne
Distribution: Introduced as a forage crop in the temperate regions of the world
Habitat: Near cultivated fields, roadsides, often on dry ground
Origin: Introduced
Flowers: June - October