butterbur, coltsfoot
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6 subspecies and varieties
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Petasites frigidus
Distribution: Occurring in forested and mountainous areas throughout Washington; Alaska south to California, east across the northern half of North America to the Atlantic Coast; circumboreal.
Habitat: Wet meadows and damp woods.
Origin: Native
Flowers: March-July
var. frigidus – alpine butterbur, arctic butterbur, sweet coltsfoot
var. palmatus – western coltsfoot
var. sagittatus – arrowhead coltsfoot, arrowhead sweet coltsfoot, arrowleaf coltsfoot
var. ×vitifolius – hybrid coltsfoot, Wenatchee coltsfoot
Petasites japonicusJapanese coltsfoot
Distribution: Sparingly introduced in Washington
Habitat: Escaped from cultivation
Origin: Introduced
var. giganteus – Japanese sweet coltsfoot
var. japonicus – Japanese sweet coltsfoot