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WTU Image Collection: Plants of Washington
Lichens of Washington

Collinsia parviflora
Information for Contributors:

We have designed the Image Collection website with the intent of accepting contributions from botanists and photographers. Instructions for making contributions are provided below. The first step, in most cases, is to obtain password access to the website.

Obtaining a password and setting up an account
Submitting photographs
Annotating Photographs
Writing species descriptions
Site Policies

Obtaining a password and setting up an account:

Password access is required to make any online contributions to the Image Collection website. No password is required to submit photos to the Collections Manager. Accounts provide a way to share information about yourself to those who view your contributions, and to specify copyright restrictions for your photos. To obtain a password and set up your user account, send an email to the Collections Manager. More...

For registered contributors: Go to your account (password required).

Submitting photographs:

We will accept photographs of any species that grows wild in Washington. Digital images are preferred. Send your images to the Collections Manager as email attachments or mail them to the herbarium on a CD. We can also scan slides, contingent upon funding. All photographs remain fully copyrighted to the photographer. More...

Please browse our list of unphotographed taxa, for which we are seeking photographs.

Annotating Photographs:

Inevitably, some photographs will be found incorrectly identified. If you've found one, why not put your expertise to work and correct the mistake for the benefit of others? With password access you can annotate any photo right from your web browser. More...

Writing species descriptions:

Participate further by filling out the description data for an entire species page. With password access, and right from your web browser, you can write a description of the species, provide identification tips, select the photos that will be displayed, and more. You can even expand upon pages that others have written. Once reviewed by herbarium staff, your contributions will be posted for all to see. You will also be credited as a contributor to the species page. More...

Site Policies:

All contributions to the WTU Image Collection website are subject to review by herbarium staff as a precautionary measure before being posted. In the event of a concern or conflict, WTU will contact the contributor by email in an effort to resolve the problem. In nearly all cases, contributions will be accepted as-is and posted within a few days of being submitted.

WTU maintains full control over all submissions and reserves the right to remove or modify any photos or text. Minor changes and fixing of typographic errors will be made without notice. In the case of more substantial changes, we may notify the contributor(s) affected. With the exception of photographs, contributors do not retain any copyright to the information they submit.

In exceptional cases WTU may remove a contributor's password access to the Image Collection website.

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