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Family = Asteraceae, Genus = Agoseris, Species = glauca, including synonyms,

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Agoseris glauca   (pale agoseris, field agoseris)  
(= Agoseris glauca in Flora of the Pacific Northwest)
Highly variable, scapose, glabrous or hairy, sometimes glaucous perennial, 1-7 dm. tall, with milky juice.
Distribution: Widely distributed throughout Washington; Alaska south to California, east to Michigan and New Mexico.
Habitat: Open forests and open areas, low to high elevations in the mountains.
Origin: Native

Agoseris monticola   (Sierra Nevada agoseris)  
Scapose perennial, 10-25 cm. tall, with milky juice; pubescence chiefly around the involucre, consisting partly of glandular, translucent hairs.
Distribution: East of the Cascades in Washington; Washington south to California, east to Nevada.
Habitat: Mesic meadows in the subalpine and alpine.
Origin: Native

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