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Family = Asteraceae, Genus = Arnica, Species = nevadensis, including synonyms,

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Arnica nevadensis   (Nevada arnica, Sierra arnica, Sierran leopardbane)  
(= Arnica nevadensis in Flora of the Pacific Northwest)
Perennial from long, naked, branched rhizomes, 1-3 dm. tall, glandular throughout, the stems often solitary. The similar Arnica cordifolia has copius long, white hairs on the involucre, while A. nevadensis is only glandular; also, A. nevadensis has entire leaves, while A. cordifolia usually has toothed leaves.
Distribution: Cascade and Olympic Mountains of Washington, south to California; rare in our range.
Habitat: Open, rocky slopes at high elevations in the mountains.
Origin: Native

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