Contributor Profile: Ben Legler

Name: Ben Legler


Affiliation: University of Idaho

Position: Collections Manager, Stillinger Herbarium

Web site:

Background: M.S. in Botany, University of Wyoming, 2010. B.S. in Biology and B.S. in Applied Mathematics, University of Washington, 2001. Knowledgeable in the flora of Washington, the Pacific Northwest, and the Rocky Mountains. Active botanist, plant collector and plant photographer. Developed the University of Washington Herbarium's databases and online resources, including the Burke Image Collection web site and the PNW Herbaria web site ( Co-editor for the 2nd Edition of the Flora of the Pacific Northwest.

Additional Information:


Photographs: 9,094 (browse photos)

Taxa photographed: 1,444

Taxa pages written: 50

Photo Copyright Statement:
Photos may be used without prior permission for strictly personal use or classroom instruction. Prior permission is requested for any other usage, whether educational, non-profit, or commercial, including books, printed material, computer programs, web sites, or any use in which the photos will be publicly accessible.