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WTU Image Collection: Plants of Washington
Lichens of Washington

Collinsia parviflora
Image Collection Site Contents:

A full description of the contents of the Image Collection website is provided below.

Navigating the Image Collection website
Information available on the Image Collection website
How photographs and other content are added
What do the check marks indicate in the species lists?

Navigating the Image Collection website:

The tan navigation window on the left side of your screen provides access to all the species for which we have photographs. There are three ways to access species pages:

The main menu provides links to the Image Collection introduction, site contents, contributor info, and contact information, funding and credits, and a link back to the herbarium's main page.

Information available on the Image Collection website:

Photographs: Each species page contains one or more representative photographs selected by the page author. You can click on each photo to bring up a full resolution version of the photo. At the bottom of the species page is a thumbnail list of all photographs we have for the species. Clicking on a thumbnail (or on a photo's copyright link below the larger photos) will take you to a page with a larger view of the photo and additional information that includes the following:

Please remember, all photographs are copyrighted to their respective photographers unless otherwise noted. Before using any images from this site please check the copyright restrictions associated with the images. Using photographs in any way that violates the photographer's copyright restrictions is prohibited.

Distribution Map: On the species page itself is a small county-level map showing all counties where the species has been recorded in Washington. Clicking the link below this map will take you to a larger county-level map that allows you to click on a county and view a list of the sources (herbarium specimens and literature references) that verify the species presence in the county. Data for the maps comes from the WA County Flora Database created by the WA Natural Heritage Program for BONAP and the Bureau of Land Management. Additional data is taken from the WTU Herbarium database.

Map of Castilleja thompsonii

Descriptive information: Each page may include the following descriptive information for the species:

Synonymy: We currently have matched up each species to the corresponding taxa in Hitcock and Cronquist's Flora of the Pacific Northwest, 1973 - provided the names are nomenclatural synonyms. Additional synonyms, information about lumps and splits, and other taxanomically difficult relationships between names may be added in at a later date.

Links to subtaxa: If the species has any subspecies or varieties, these are given their own full page with images, a separate distribution map, and a simplified description. Links to these subtaxa are provided on the species page along with identification tips that help separate out the subtaxa. Each subtaxon page is made available once we have at least one image for the subtaxon.

Links to the WTU Herbarium's specimens and other relevant sites: The WTU Herbarium specimen link will bring up a list of all specimens in our collections for the species, with access to all the functionality available through our regular specimen search screen. The link to CalPhotos will take you directly to all of CalPhotos photographs for the species if any are present in their collection.

How photographs and other content are added:

The addition of new species to the Image Collection occurs in several steps, beginning with our obtaining at least one photograph for the species. As soon as we have a photograph for a species, that species will automatically be added to the species lists on the left side of the screen. At that point the species page will have no accompanying descriptive information.

Once suitable photos are available, the next step consists of writing the descriptive information for the species and filling out the data fields used in the identification key. This will be done either by staff and volunteers at the WTU Herbarium or by registered contributors, and may not happen until some time after the initial species page is made available.

Staff at the herbarium review all newly submitted photographs and species descriptions, along with changes to existing data, to ensure that all content is of consistent quality and suitable for the site. We may contact contributors if anything they have submitted is of significant concern and give them an opportunity to make corrections. In all cases the WTU Herbarium retains the right to delete photographs and to delete or modify any information submitted by contributors.

What do the check marks () indicate in the species lists?

We use checkmarks to distinguish the level of completeness of each species page, as follows:

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