Vascular Plants - Caryophyllaceae - Sagina:
Sagina maxima
Page Authors: Don Knoke, David Giblin
sticky-stem pearlwort, stick-stemmed pearlwort 
Blooms: June-September
Habit: herb
Duration: annual,perennial
Origin: Native
Conservation Status: Abundant; of no concern.

Distribution: Occurring in counties along the coast in Washington; distinctly coastal, Alaska south to Monterey County, California.
Habitat: Moist sand or rocks.
Species Description:

General: Usually glabrous, fleshy biennial or perennial, the stems prostrate to ascending, slender, usually branched, up to 15 cm. long.
Leaves: Basal leaves numerous, forming rosettes, 1-3 cm. long and up to 2 mm. broad; cauline leaves opposite, linear, 5-15 mm. long, often with bundles of secondary leaves in the axils.
Flowers: Flowers solitary in the leaf axils and terminal on the branches; pedicles nearly filiform, 10-35 mm. long; sepals 5, distinct, erect, 3-3.5 mm. long; petals 5, white, shorter than the sepals; stamens 5; styles 5, alternate with the sepals.
Fruits: Capsule 1.5-2 times as long as the calyx, 5-valved.
Subspecies & Varieties:
Accepted Name:
Sagina maxima Gray

Treated in Flora of the PNW as:
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Additional photographs of Sagina maxima:
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G. D. Carr, 2006

G. D. Carr, 2006

G. D. Carr, 2006

G. D. Carr, 2006

G. D. Carr, 2005

Rod Gilbert, 2006

G. D. Carr, 2009
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