Vascular Plants - Dryopteridaceae - Athyrium:
Athyrium alpestre
Page Authors: Don Knoke, David Giblin
American alpine lady fern 
Habit: herb
Duration: perennial
Origin: Native
Distribution: Alaska south to California, east to Newfoundland and Colorado.
Habitat: Open, rocky slopes and along streams at mid- to high elevations in the mountains.
Subspecies & Varieties:
Accepted Name:
Athyrium alpestre (Hoppe) Clairv.

Treated in Flora of the PNW as:
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Additional photographs of Athyrium alpestre:
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Jim Riley

Susan McDougall, 2014

Julia Bent, 2012

Julia Bent, 2012

Julia Bent, 2012

Julia Bent, 2011

Julia Bent, 2011

Julia Bent, 2011
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