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Conservation Status: Review Group 1 in Washington (WANHP)


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Accepted Name:

Synonyms & Misapplications:

Agrostis alba, ambiguous [HC]
Agrostis alba var. alba, ambiguous [HC]
Atriplex patula var. hastata, ambiguous [HC]
Carex stygia, ambiguous
Crataegus oxyacantha var. paulii, suppressed name [HC]
Epilobium alpinum, ambiguous [HC]
Erythranthe veronicifolia, unresolved
Festuca scabrella, ambiguous [HC]
Heleochloa, ambiguous [HC]
Heracleum sibiricum var. angustifolium, unresolved
Isoetes opaca, Invalid name
Kuhnia, ambiguous [HC]
Malva rotundifolia, rejected name, ambiguous
Solanum rubrum, unresolved
Turbinellus [MycoBank]
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