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Amelanchier alnifolia
saskatoon, serviceberry; saskatoon, Cusick's serviceberry, Saskatoon serviceberry, western serviceberry, humptulips western seviceberry
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Distribution: Occurring throughout Washington; Alaska to California, east to the Dakotas and New Mexico.

Habitat: Open woods, canyons and hillsides, sea level to subalpine.

Flowers: April-July

Origin: Native

Conservation Status: Not of concern


Low and spreading shrubs to small trees, mostly 1-5 m. tall, the young branches reddish-brown, eventually gray barked.


Leaves with slender petioles 10-20 mm. long, the blades oval to oblong, 2-4 cm. long and from to nearly as broad, wedge-shaped to sub-cordate at the base, rounded at the tip, usually gray-pubescent on the lower surface.


Flowers 3-20 in short racemes, the lowest from leaf axils, the upper from gray bracts; pedicels slender, ascending, 5-10 mm. long; calyx lobes 5, triangular, 1.5-3.5 mm. long; petals 5, white, linear to linear-oblanceolate, 10-20 mm. long and 2-6 mm. broad; stamens 12-20; styles usually 5.


Ovary inferior; fruit globose, often glaucous, dark purplish, juicy, 10-14 mm. long.

Accepted Name:
Amelanchier alnifolia (Nutt.) Nutt. ex M. Roemer

Amelanchier alnifolia (Nutt.) Nutt. ex M. Roemer var. alnifolia
Amelanchier alnifolia (Nutt.) Nutt. ex M. Roemer var. humptulipensis (G.N. Jones) C.L. Hitchc.
Amelanchier alnifolia (Nutt.) Nutt. ex M. Roem. var. pumila (Torr. & A. Gray) C.K. Schneid.
Amelanchier alnifolia (Nutt.) Nutt. ex M. Roemer var. semiintegrifolia (Hook.) C.L. Hitchc.
Amelanchier cusickii Fern.
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