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Antennaria microphylla
rosy everlasting, desert pussytoes, elegant pussytoes, pulvinate pussytoes, rosy pussytoes, small-leaf pussytoes
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Distribution: Alaska to California, east to North Dakota and Arizona, from lower montane to sub-alpine.

Habitat: Moist, open areas, flood plains of streams, margins of alkali depressions.

Flowers: June - July

Origin: Native

Conservation Status: Not of concern


Dioecious, mat-forming, stoloniferous perennial 5-40 cm. tall; stolons up to 10 cm. long, decumbent; upper surface of the stems with stalked glands, the hairs white or purple.


Leaves 1-nerved; upper surface of the leaves covered with silvery-white hairs; basal leaves spatulate or oblanceolate with a wedge-shaped base; cauline leaves linear, alternate.


Heads several in a sub-capitate cyme; pistillate involucres 4-10 mm. long; scarious portion of the involucre bracts white, straw-colored or light yellow.



Accepted Name:
Antennaria microphylla Rydb.
Publication: Bull. Torrey Bot. Club. 24: 303. 1897. 1897.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
Antennaria bracteosa Rydb.
Antennaria concinna E.E. Nelson
Antennaria microphylla Lunell var. solstitialis Lunell
Antennaria nitida Greene
Antennaria rosea Greene [FNA19]
Antennaria rosea Greene ssp. arida (E.E. Nelson) R.J. Bayer [FNA19]
Antennaria rosea Greene ssp. confinis (Greene) R.J. Bayer [FNA19]
Antennaria rosea Greene ssp. pulvinata (Greene) R.J. Bayer [FNA19]
Antennaria rosea Greene ssp. rosea [FNA19]
Antennaria rosea Greene var. nitida (Greene) Breitung
Antennaria solstitialis Lunell
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