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Origin: Native

Conservation Status: Not of concern


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Accepted Name:
Publication: J. Bot. (Schrader). 1800(2): 8, 110. 1801.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
(none provided)
– moonwort
var. lineare – moonwort
var. lineare – moonwort
– moonwort    East Cascades in northern Washington; British Columbia to California, east to Montana and Arizona
– moonwort
– moonwort    Circumboreal, extending south to southern Washington and Pennsylvania
– moonwort    Scattered in Western North America and eastward to the Great Lakes; in Washington known from the northeast corner of the state.
– moonwort    Alaska to California, east to Colorado and to Maine across the northern tier of states
– moonwort    British Columbia to California, east to Montana
– moonwort
– moonwort
– moonwort
– moonwort    Alaska to Washington and the Wallowa Mountains of Oregon
– moonwort
var. compositum – moonwort
var. simplex – moonwort
– moonwort
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