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Botrychium michiganense
Michigan moonwort
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Distribution: Scattered in Western North America and eastward to the Great Lakes; in Washington known from the northeast corner of the state.

Habitat: Mesic montane meadows.

Origin: Native

Conservation Status: Threatened in Washington (WANHP)


The name Botrychium michiganense has yet to be published. Inquiries about this taxon and pending publication of the name should be directed to Don Farrar at Iowa State University.

Accepted Name:
Botrychium michiganense W.H. Wagner ex A.V. Gilman, Farrar & Zika
Publication: Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas 9(2): 300. 2015.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
Botrychium matricariifolium (Döll) A. Braun ex W.D.J. Koch, misapplied
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