Fragaria virginiana ssp. glauca
blueleaf strawberry, broadpetal strawberry, wild strawberry
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Origin: Native

Conservation Status: Not of concern


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Accepted Name:
Fragaria virginiana Duchesne ssp. glauca (S. Watson) Staudt

Synonyms & Misapplications:
Fragaria glauca (S. Watson) Rydb.
Fragaria multicipita Fernald
Fragaria ovalis (Lehm.) Rydb.
Fragaria pauciflora Rydb.
Fragaria platypetala Rydb.
Fragaria platypetala Rydb. var. sibbaldifolia (Rydb.) Jeps.
Fragaria sibbaldifolia Rydb.
Fragaria suksdorfii Rydb.
Fragaria truncata Rydb.
Fragaria virginiana Duchesne ssp. platypetala (Rydb.) Staudt
Fragaria virginiana Duchesne var. glauca S. Watson [HC]
Fragaria virginiana Duchesne var. ovalis (Lehm.) R.J. Davis
Fragaria virginiana Duchesne var. platypetala (Rydb.) H.M. Hall [HC]
Fragaria virginiana Duchesne var. terrae-novae (Rydb.) Fernald & Wiegand
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