Heterotheca oregona
Oregon goldenaster

Distribution: British Columbia to California, east base of the Cascades to the coast.

Habitat: Sand and gravel bars along rivers, low to moderate elevations.

Flowers: June-Sept.

Origin: Native

Conservation Status: Sensitive in Washington (WANHP)


Perennial from a woody base, the several stems 2-5 dm. tall, covered with fine glands.


Lowermost leaves reduced and early-deciduous, the others uniformly distributed along the stem, entire, sessile, oblong to lance-ovate, 2-5 cm. long and 5-15 mm. wide.


Heads several to many in a somewhat flat-topped inflorescence; involucre 10-12 mm. high, its bracts imbricate, with transparent margins, tapering to a sharp point; corollas all tubular, yellow; inner pappus of capillary bristles, outer pappus of obscure scales.

Accepted Name:
Heterotheca oregona (Nutt.) Shinners
Publication: Field & Lab. 19: 71. 1951. 1951.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
Chrysopsis oregona (Nutt.) A. Gray [HC]
Chrysopsis oregona (Nutt.) A. Gray var. oregona
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