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Hylotelephium telephium
live-forever, witches'-moneybags live-forever, vit-toujours, witches'-moneybags
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Distribution: Introduced as an ornamental, occasionally escaping.

Habitat: Shady places and woods.

Flowers: July - September

Conservation Status: Not of concern


Succulent perennial, the clustered, leafy, erect stems to over 6 dm. tall, often red-tinged.


Leaves alternate, ovate-oblong, up to 8 cm. long, flattened, with coarse, rounded, shallow teeth.


Flowers in dense, head-like, flat-topped cymes; sepals 5; petals 5, spreading, pinkish-red, whitish, greenish or yellowish; stamens 10.




Synonym: Sedum telephium

Accepted Name:
Hylotelephium telephium (L.) H. Ohba
Publication: Bot. Mag. (Tokyo). 90: 53. 1977. 1977.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
Sedum purpureum (L.) Schult.
Sedum telephium L.
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