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Leucocoprinus ianthinus
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Habitat: Compost piles, potted plants

Conservation Status: Not of concern

Identification Notes:

In the PNW, we have at least three greenhouse or compost leucocoprinuses---one is a yellow species related to L. birnbaumii,the second is L. cepaestipes, found in compost heaps, and the third is Leucocoprinus ianthinus (= L. lilacinogranulosus (Hennings) Locquin). In addition to greenhouses, L ianthinus occurs in potted plants. The cap has a finely scaly, purplish to reddish brown center and white margin, often with small purplish fibrils. The gills are white with a slight lilac tint, and the stipe is club-shaped and white to yellowish with purplish fibrils on the lower portion. The ring is white with a purplish edge and it may disappear in age.

Accepted Name:
Leucocoprinus ianthinus (Cooke) P. Mohr

Synonyms & Misapplications:
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