Polemonium californicum
low Jacob's-ladder

Distribution: Cascade-Sierra region of Washington to California, east to Idaho

Habitat: Shaded or moist places, moderate to mid-elevations in the mountains

Flowers: May - August

Origin: Native

Conservation Status: Not of concern


Lax, glandular perennial up to 5 dm. tall, usually with several stems from a branched base.


Leaves alternate, pinnately compound, the basal leaves well-developed; leaflets 8-20, elliptic and pointed, 5-15 mm. long and 1-3.5 mm. wide.


Inflorescence few- to several-flowered, somewhat congested; calyx herbaceous, 4-6 mm. long, the 5 lobes pointed, up to twice as long as the tube; corolla blue with a yellow eye, broadly bell-shaped, 7-13 mm. long and wide, the 5 lobes longer than the tube; style 3-parted; ovary superior.


Capsule 3-celled.

Accepted Name:
Polemonium californicum Eastw.
Publication: Bot. Gaz. 37(6): 437-438. 1904.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
Polemonium columbianum Rydb.
Polemonium pulcherrimum Hook. ssp. tricolor (Eastw.) Brand
Polemonium pulcherrimum Hook. var. calycinum (Eastw.) Brand [HC, IMF4]
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