Rubus parviflorus
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Distribution: Alaska to California, east to the Dakotas and New Mexico

Habitat: Open to wooded, moist to dry areas, from sea level to subalpine mountain slopes

Flowers: May - July

Origin: Native

Conservation Status: Not of concern


Erect, unarmed shrub, 0.5-2 m. tall, with stalked glands and gray, flaking bark.


Leaf blades deeply cordate, palmately 5-lobed, 6-15 cm, long and somewhat broader, doubly dentate-serrate, usually glabrous; petioles with stalked glands; stipules membranous, lanceolate.


Flowers 3-7 in terminal, flat-topped panicles; calyx pubescent, the 5 lobes spreading, ovate-oblong, 10-18 mm. long, tailed; petals 5, white, oblong-obovate, 1.5-2.5 cm. long; stamens and pistils numerous.


Drupelets coherent, red, thimble-shaped, coming free from the receptacle.

Accepted Name:
Rubus parviflorus Nutt.
Publication: Gen. N. Amer. Pl. 1: 308-309. 1818.

Bossekia parviflora Greene
Rubacer parviflorum (Nutt.) Rydb.
Rubus nutkanus f. lacera Kuntze
Rubus nutkanus var. nuttallii T. & G.
Rubus nutkanus var. parviflorus Focke
Rubus nutkanus var. scopulorum Greene ex Focke
Rubus parviflorus f. nuttallii Fassett
Rubus parviflorus Nutt. var. bifarius Fern.
Rubus parviflorus Nutt. var. fraserianus Henry
Rubus parviflorus Nutt. var. grandiflorus Farw.
Rubus parviflorus Nutt. var. heteradenius Fern.
Rubus parviflorus Nutt. var. hypomalacus Fern.
Rubus parviflorus Nutt. var. parviflorus
Rubus parviflorus Nutt. var. parvifolius (Gray) Fern.
Rubus parviflorus Nutt. var. scopulorum Greene ex Focke
Rubus parviflorus Nutt. var. velutinus (Hook & Arn.) Greene
Rubus velutinus brew.
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