Salix exigua var. exigua
coyote willow, narrow-leaf willow

Origin: Native

Conservation Status: Not of concern


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Accepted Name:
Salix exigua Nutt. var. exigua
Publication: N. Amer. Sylv. 1: 75. 1842.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
Salix argophylla Nutt.
Salix exigua Nutt. ssp. exigua [HC]
Salix exigua Nutt. var. luteosericea (Rydb.) C.K. Schneid.
Salix exigua Nutt. var. nevadensis (S. Watson) C.K. Schneid.
Salix exigua Nutt. var. stenophylla (Rydb.) C.K. Schneid. [HC]
Salix exigua Nutt. var. virens Rowlee
Salix fluviatilis Nutt. var. argophylla (Nutt.) Sarg.
Salix interior Rowlee var. luteosericea (Rydb.) C.K. Schneid.
Salix longifolia Muhl. var. argophylla (Nutt.) Andersson
Salix longifolia Lam. var. exigua (Nutt.) Bebb
Salix longifolia Muhl. var. opaca Andersson
Salix luteosericea Rydb.
Salix malacophylla Nutt. ex C.R. Ball
Salix nevadensis S. Watson
Salix stenophylla Rydb.
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