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Suillus caerulescens
fat jack, blue-staining Suillus, Douglas-fir Suillus
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Habitat: Occurs with Douglas fir

Conservation Status: Not of concern

Common Names:

fat jack, blue-staining Suillus, Douglas-fir Suillus

Identification Notes:

Suillus caerulescens is one of three (along with S. ponderosus and S. imitatus) similar-looking, viscid-capped species that occur with Douglas-fir. All of these have in common a pallid veil that leaves material on the edge of the cap and a ring-zone or slight ring that is often somewhat viscid, a lack of glandular dots on the stipe, and a tendency for the flesh in the base of the stipe to discolor greenish to bluish when it is exposed. The cap is reddish brown to vinaceous brown in the center and more yellowish to ochraceous towards the margin, and often is radially streaked. The pores are yellowish, large, and rather angular, and the stipes are yellowish to brownish, often darkening with age.

Accepted Name:
Suillus caerulescens A.H. Sm. & Thiers

Synonyms & Misapplications:
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