Covers mushrooms and other non-lichenized fungi that form multicellular fruiting bodies large enough to be seen with the unaided eye.

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11 genera
22 species, 0 subspecies and varieties
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Fayodia bisphaerigeraslender navel
Flammulina velutipeswinter mushroom, velvet shank, velvet-foot, velvet-stalk
Floccularia albolanaripesshaggy-stalked Armillaria, sheathed Armillaria
Floccularia luteovirensscaly yellow Armillaria, shaggy-stem
Fomes fomentariusamadou, tinder bracket, hoof fungus, horse's hoof fungus, tinder fungus, tinder polypore, tinderconk
Fomitiporia punctataelbowpatch crust
Fomitopsis cajanderirosy polypore
Fomitopsis officinalisquinine conk, enfant-du-pin, larch fungus, quinine fungus, larch polypore
Fomitopsis pinicolared-belted bracket, red-belt conk, red-belted polypore, redbelt
Habitat: Occurs on conifers and hardwoods.
Fuscoporia ferreacinnamon porecrust
Fuscoporia ferruginosarusty porecrust
Fuscoporia gilvaoak conk, mustard-yellow polypore