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Suillus umbonatus
jellied bolete, slim jack, umbonate slippery jack
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Distribution: It is broadly distributed in the Northern Hemisphere.

Habitat: It is rather abundant at times in lodgepole pine forests in late summer and early fall, and in shore pine woodlands in fall, sometimes growing in clusters and lining the edges of moist depressions.

Conservation Status: Not of concern

Common Names:

jellied bolete, slim jack, umbonate slippery jack

Identification Notes:

Suillus umbonatus has a viscid, distinctly umbonate cap that is yellow to olive brown and often streaked; large, yellowish, angular, often radially aligned pores; and slender yellowish stipe that is glandular dotted above a gelatinous ring or ring-zone and stains brown when handled. Suillus flavidus is another name that has been used for S. umbonatus but it is unclear if they are the same species. A somewhat similar species, S. sibiricus, differs primarily in its brighter yellow coloration, tendency for the veil to be shaggy-membranous rather than glutinous, and being associated with five-needle pines.

Accepted Name:
Suillus umbonatus E.A. Dick & Snell

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