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Checklist » Hypericaceae
Hypericaceae   (St. John's Wort Family)

Notes: Taxonomy follows APG III (http://www.mobot.org/mobot/research/apweb/welcome.html).

Family Synonyms: (none)

Literature: (none)

Family treatment authored by Peter F. Zika; last updated 9/4/2012 by David Giblin
Taxon (native species in boldface) # Synonyms Common Names
Hypericum anagalloides Cham. & Schltdl.   [H&C] 0 tinker's penny, bog or creeping St. John's-wort
Hypericum androsaemum L.   [IFBC, Not in H&C] 0 tutsan
Hypericum boreale (Britton) E.P. Bicknell   [IFBC, Not in H&C] 0 northern St. John's-wort
Hypericum calycinum L.   [Not in H&C] 0 rose-of-sharon
Hypericum canadense L.   [G&C, Not in H&C] 0 Canadian St. John's-wort
Hypericum ellipticum Hook.   [G&C, Not in H&C] 0 pale St. John's-wort
Hypericum maculatum Crantz ssp. obtusiusculum (Tourlet) Hayek   [IFBC, Not in H&C] 0 dotted or imperforate St. John's-wort
Hypericum majus (A. Gray) Britton   [H&C] 1 greater Canadian St. John's-wort
Hypericum mutilum L.   [IFBC, Not in H&C] 0 dwarf St. John's-wort
Hypericum perforatum L.   [IFBC, Not in H&C] 0 Klamath weed, common St. John's-wort
Hypericum scouleri Hook. ssp. nortoniae (M.E. Jones) J.M. Gillett   [IFBC] 2 Norton's St. John's-wort
Hypericum scouleri Hook. ssp. scouleri    [IFBC] 2 western or Scouler's St. John's-wort
Hypericum tetrapterum Fr.   [Not in H&C] 0 square-stalked St. John's Wort
Triadenum fraseri (Spach) Gleason   [IFBC, Not in H&C] 0 marsh St. John's-wort

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