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Liliaceae   (Lily Family)

Notes: Taxonomy follows APG III (http://www.mobot.org/mobot/research/apweb/welcome.html). Members of Liliaceae s. l. have been placed in the Alstroemeriaceae, Amaryllidaceae, Asparagaceae, Melanthiaceae, Tofieldiaceae, and Xanthorrhoeaceae.

Family Synonyms: (none)

Literature: (none)

Family treatment authored by Alex Harkness; last updated 4/20/2018 by David Giblin
Taxon (native species in boldface) # Synonyms Common Names
Calochortus apiculatus Baker   [FNA26, H&C] 0 three-spot mariposa-lily, Baker's mariposa
Calochortus elegans Pursh var. elegans    [FNA26] 1 northwest mariposa lily, elegant cat's ear
Calochortus eurycarpus S. Wats.   [FNA26, H&C] 3 wide-fruited mariposa, big-pod mariposa lily
Calochortus longebarbatus S. Watson   [Draft Revised H&C] 2 long-bearded sego lily
Calochortus lyallii Baker   [FNA26, H&C] 1 Lyall's mariposa-lily
Calochortus macrocarpus Dougl. var. macrocarpus    [FNA26] 3 sagebrush mariposa
Calochortus macrocarpus Dougl. var. maculosus (A. Nels. & J.F. Macbr.) A. Nels. & J.F. Macbr.   [FNA26] 3 sagebrush mariposa
Calochortus nitidus Dougl.   [FNA26, H&C] 1 broad-fruited mariposa lily
Calochortus subalpinus Piper   [FNA26, H&C] 1 subalpine mariposa-lily, mountain mariposa
Clintonia uniflora (Menzies ex J.A. & J.H. Schultes) Kunth   [FNA26, H&C] 2 queen's cup, bride's-bonnet
Erythronium grandiflorum Pursh ssp. candidum Piper   [FNA26] 3
Erythronium grandiflorum Pursh ssp. grandiflorum    [FNA26] 9 yellow fawn lily
Erythronium montanum S. Wats.   [FNA26, H&C] 0 white avalanche lily
Erythronium oregonum Applegate ssp. oregonum    [Draft Revised H&C] 2 giant fawn lily, deer's tongue, wild easter lily
Erythronium quinaultense G.A. Allen   [FNA26, not in H&C] 0 Olympic fawn lily, quinault trout lily
Erythronium revolutum Sm.   [FNA26, H&C] 1 pink fawn lily, coast fawn lily, mahogany fawn lily
Fritillaria affinis (Schultes) Sealy   [FNA26] 11 chocolate lily, checker lily
Fritillaria camschatcensis (L.) Ker-Gawl.   [FNA26, H&C] 1 Indian rice, black lily
Fritillaria pudica (Pursh) Spreng.   [FNA26, H&C] 2 yellow bells, yellow missionbells
Gagea villosa (Bieb.) Duby   [Not in FNA26 or H&C] 0 hairy star-of-bethleham
Lilium columbianum Hort. ex Baker   [FNA26, H&C] 3 Columbian lily
Lloydia serotina (L.) Salisbury ex Reichenbach var. serotina    [FNA26] 3 alpine lily
Prosartes hookeri Torr.   [FNA26] 8 fairy-bells
Prosartes smithii (Hook.) Utech, Shinwari & Kawano   [FNA26] 3 Smith's fairy bells
Prosartes trachycarpa S. Wats.   [FNA26] 2 wartberryfairy bells
Streptopus amplexifolius (L.) de Candolle   [FNA26, H&C] 9 clasp-leaf twisted-stalk, clasping twisted-stalk
Streptopus lanceolatus (Ait.) Reveal   [FNA26] 5 rosy twisted stalk
Streptopus streptopoides (Ledebour) Frye & Rigg   [FNA26, H&C] 3 Kruhsea
Tulipa gesneriana L. 0 common garden tulip

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