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Checklist » Plantaginaceae
Plantaginaceae   (Plantain Family)


Family Synonyms:
» Callitrichaceae (Water-Starwort Family)
» Haloragidaceae in part
» Hippuridaceae (Mare's-Tail Family)

Literature: (none)

Family treatment authored by Fred Weinmann; last updated 10/21/2003 by Fred Weinmann
Taxon (native species in boldface) # Synonyms Common Names
Antirrhinum majus L.   [Stace, 1997] 0 garden snapdragon, greater snapdragon
Antirrhinum orontium L.   [H&C] 1 lesser snapdragon, weasel's snout
Besseya rubra (Dougl. ex Hook.) Rydb.   [H&C] 1 red coraldrops
Callitriche hermaphroditica L. 1 northern or autumn water-starwort
Callitriche heterophylla Pursh 5 different-leaved water-starwort
Callitriche marginata Torr. 0 winged water-starwort
Callitriche palustris L.   [ILBC2] 2 spring or vernal water-starwort
Callitriche stagnalis Scop. 0 pond water-starwort
Callitriche trochlearis Fassett   [Draft Revised H&C] 0
Chaenorhinum minus (L.) Lange   [IFBC] 0 dwarf-snapdragon
Collinsia grandiflora Lindl.   [H&C] 1 large-flowered blue-eyed Mary, blue-lips blue-eyed Mary
Collinsia parviflora Lindl.   [H&C] 1 small-flower blue-eyed Mary
Collinsia rattanii A. Gray   [H&C] 2 Rattan collinsia
Collinsia sparsiflora Fisch. & C.A. Mey. var. bruceae (M.E. Jones) Newsom   [H&C] 1 few-flowered blue-eyed Mary
Cymbalaria muralis P.G. Gaertn., B. Mey. & Scherb.   [H&C] 1 Kenilworth-ivy, ivy-leaved toadflax
Digitalis purpurea L.   [H&C] 1 purple foxglove
Gratiola ebracteata Benth. ex A. DC.   [H&C] 0 bractless hedge-hyssop
Gratiola neglecta Torr.   [H&C] 0 clammy hedge-hyssop, American hedge-hyssop
Hippuris montana Ledeb.   [H&C] 0 mountain mare's-tail
Hippuris vulgaris L.   [H&C] 0 common mare's-tail
Kickxia elatine (L.) Dumort. 0 sharpleaf cancerwort
Linaria dalmatica (L.) P. Mill. ssp. dalmatica    [JPM2] 2 Dalmatian toadflax
Linaria grandiflora Desf. 0 large-flowered linaria
Linaria purpurea (L.) P. Mill.   [JPM] 0 purple toadflax
Linaria vulgaris P. Mill.   [H&C] 1 greater butter-and-eggs
Nothochelone nemorosa (Dougl. ex Lindl.) Straw   [H&C] 1 woodland-beardtongue
Nuttallanthus canadensis (L.) D.A. Sutton   [JPM2] 2 Canada toadflax, old field toadflax
Nuttallanthus texanus (Scheele) D.A. Sutton   [JPM2] 2 blue toadflax,Texas toadflax
Penstemon acuminatus Dougl. ex Lindl. var. acuminatus    [IMF4, Strickler, 1997] 1 sand dune penstemon, sharp-leaved penstemon
Penstemon attenuatus Dougl. ex Lindl. var. attenuatus    [H&C] 1 sulphur penstemon, taper-leaved penstemon
Penstemon attenuatus Douglas ex Lindley var. palustris (Pennell) Cronquist   [H&C] 2
Penstemon barrettiae Gray   [H&C] 0 Barrett's beardtongue
Penstemon cardwellii T.J. Howell   [H&C] 0 Cardwell's beardtongue
Penstemon confertus Dougl. ex Lindl.   [H&C] 0 lesser yellow beardtongue
Penstemon davidsonii Greene var. davidsonii    [H&C] 0 Davidson's beardtongue
Penstemon davidsonii Greene var. menziesii (Keck) Cronq.   [H&C] 3 Davidson's beardtongue
Penstemon deustus Dougl. ex Lindl. var. deustus    [H&C] 0 hot-rock penstemon
Penstemon deustus Dougl. ex Lindl. var. variabilis (Suksdorf) Cronq.   [H&C] 2 scorched penstemon, hotrock penstemon, scabland penstemon
Penstemon diphyllus Rydb.   [H&C] 1 two-leaf beardtongue
Penstemon ellipticus Coult. & Fisher   [H&C] 1 rockvine beardtongue
Penstemon eriantherus Pursh var. eriantherus    [H&C] 0 fuzzy-tongue penstemon
Penstemon eriantherus Pursh var. whitedii (Piper) A. Nels.   [H&C] 1 fuzzy-tongue penstemon
Penstemon euglaucus English   [H&C] 0 glaucous beardtongue
Penstemon fruticosus (Pursh) Greene var. fruticosus    [H&C] 0 shrubby penstemon
Penstemon fruticosus (Pursh) Greene var. scouleri (Lindl.) Cronq.   [H&C] 2 shrubby penstemon
Penstemon fruticosus (Pursh) Greene var. serratus (Keck) Cronq.   [H&C] 1 shrubby penstemon
Penstemon gairdneri Hook. var. gairdneri    [H&C] 0 Gairdner's penstemon
Penstemon glandulosus Dougl. var. chelanensis (Keck) Cronq.   [H&C] 1 sticky-stem penstemon
Penstemon glandulosus Dougl. var. glandulosus    [H&C] 1 sticky-stem penstemon
Penstemon hesperius M. Peck   [Draft Revised H&C] 3 tall beardtongue
Penstemon humilis Nutt. var. humilis    [Strickler, 1997] 3 lowly penstemon
Penstemon ovatus Dougl. ex Hook.   [H&C] 0 egg-leaf beardtongue, broad-leaved penstemon
Penstemon palmeri A. Gray   [Strickler, 1997, JPM] 2 Palmer's penstemon
Penstemon pennellianus Keck   [H&C] 0 Blue Mountain beardtongue
Penstemon procerus Dougl. ex Graham var. procerus    [H&C] 0 small-flowered penstemon
Penstemon procerus Dougl. ex Graham var. tolmiei (Hook.) Cronq.   [H&C] 0 small-flowered penstemon
Penstemon pruinosus Dougl. ex Lindl.   [H&C] 0 Chelan beardtongue
Penstemon richardsonii Dougl. ex Lindl. var. richardsonii    [H&C] 0 Richardson's penstemon
Penstemon rupicola (Piper) T.J. Howell   [H&C] 1 rock penstemon, cliff beardtongue
Penstemon rydbergii A. Nelson   [Draft Revised H&C] 0 Rydberg's beardtongue
Penstemon serrulatus Menzies ex Sm.   [H&C] 0 Cascade beardtongue, coast penstemon
Penstemon speciosus Dougl. ex Lindl.   [H&C] 1 royal beardtongue, showy penstemon
Penstemon subserratus Pennell   [H&C] 0 fine-tooth beardtongue
Penstemon triphyllus Dougl. ex Lindl.   [H&C] 0 whorled beardtongue
Penstemon venustus Dougl. ex Lindl.   [H&C] 0 elegant beardtongue, Blue Mountain penstemon
Penstemon washingtonensis Keck   [H&C] 0 Washington beardtongue
Penstemon wilcoxii Rydb.   [H&C] 1 Wilcox's beardtongue
Plantago aristata Michx.   [H&C] 0 large-bract plantain
Plantago coronopus L.   [JPM] 1 buck-horn plantain
Plantago elongata Pursh   [H&C, JPM] 3 slender plantain
Plantago lanceolata L.   [H&C] 0 English plantain
Plantago macrocarpa Cham. & Schlecht.   [H&C] 0 Alaska plantain
Plantago major L.   [H&C] 2 common plantain, nippleseed, great plantain
Plantago maritima L.   [JPM2] 3 sea plantain, seaside plantain
Plantago patagonica Jacq.   [H&C] 1 woolly plantain
Plantago psyllium L.   [H&C] 3 sand plantain
Plantago pusilla Nutt.   [H&C] 2 dwarf plantain
Plantago subnuda Pilg.   [JPM] 1 tall coastal plantain, Mexican plantain
Synthyris missurica (Raf.) Pennell   [H&C] 3 mountain kittentails
Synthyris pinnatifida S. Wats. var. lanuginosa (Piper) Cronq. 1 cut-leaf kittentails
Synthyris reniformis (Dougl. ex Benth.) Benth. var. reniformis 0 snow queen, round-leaved kittentails
Synthyris schizantha Piper 0 fringe-petal kitten's-tail
Tonella floribunda Gray   [H&C] 0 greater baby-innocence, large-flowered tonella
Tonella tenella (Benth.) Heller   [H&C] 0 lesser baby-innocence, small-flowered tonella
Veronica americana Schwein. ex Benth.   [H&C] 0 American-brooklime, American speedwell
Veronica anagallis-aquatica L.   [H&C] 1 blue water speedwell
Veronica arvensis L.   [H&C] 0 wall speedwell, corn speedwell
Veronica biloba L.   [H&C] 0 two-lobe speedwell, bilobed speedwell
Veronica catenata Pennell   [H&C, JPM] 0 chain speedwell
Veronica chamaedrys L.   [H&C] 0 Germander speedwell
Veronica cusickii Gray   [H&C] 0 Cusick's speedwell
Veronica filiformis Sm.   [H&C] 0 thread-stalk speedwell
Veronica hederifolia L.   [H&C] 1 ivy-leaf speedwell
Veronica longifolia L.   [H&C] 0 long-leaf speedwell
Veronica officinalis L.   [H&C] 1 common speedwell, Paul's betony
Veronica peregrina L. var. peregrina    [H&C] 1 purslane speedwell
Veronica peregrina L. var. xalapensis (Kunth) Pennell   [H&C] 1 purslane speedwell
Veronica persica Poir.   [H&C] 0 bird-eye speedwell, persian speedwell
Veronica scutellata L.   [H&C] 0 marsh speedwell, skullcap speedwell, grass-leaf speedwell
Veronica serpyllifolia L. var. humifusa (Dickson) Vahl   [H&C] 1 thyme-leaved speedwell
Veronica serpyllifolia L. var. serpyllifolia    [H&C] 1 thyme-leaved speedwell
Veronica triphyllos L.   [JPM] 0 finger speedwell
Veronica wormskjoldii Roemer & J.A. Schultes   [H&C] 1 American alpine speedwell
Veronica √ólackschewitzii J.B. Keller 0

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