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Checklist » Salicaceae
Salicaceae   (Willow Family)

Notes: Treatment of Salicaceae here follows Flora of North America, Volume 7.

Family Synonyms: (none)


Family treatment authored by Fred Weinmann; last updated 4/2/2010 by David Giblin
Taxon (native species in boldface) # Synonyms Common Names
Populus alba L.   [FNA7] 2 white poplar
Populus ×canescens (Ait.) Sm.   [Stace, 1997; not in H&C] 0 gray poplar
Populus nigra L.   [Stace, 1997; not in H&C] 3 black cottonwood, lombardy poplar
Populus tremuloides Michx.   [FNA7, H&C] 1 quaking aspen
Populus trichocarpa Torr. & Gray ex Hook.   [FNA7, H&C] 7 black cottonwood
Salix alba L.   [FNA7, H&C] 6 golden willow, white willow
Salix amygdaloides Anderss.   [FNA7, H&C] 0 peach-leaf willow
Salix arctica Pallas   [FNA7, H&C] 6 arctic willow
Salix barclayi Anderss.   [FNA7, H&C] 4 barclay's willow
Salix bebbiana Sarg.   [FNA7, H&C] 5 gray willow, Bebb's willow, long-beak willow
Salix boothii Dorn   [FNA7; IFBC, not in H&C] 3 Booth's willow
Salix brachycarpa Nutt. var. brachycarpa    [FNA7, H&C] 8 small-fruit willow, short-fruited willow
Salix candida Flueggé ex Willd.   [FNA7, H&C] 3 sage willow, sage-leaf willow
Salix cascadensis Cockerell   [FNA7, H&C] 3 Cascade willow
Salix columbiana (Dorn) Argus   [FNA7] 2 Columbia River willow
Salix commutata Bebb   [FNA7, H&C] 3 under-green willow, variable willow
Salix drummondiana Barratt ex Hook.   [FNA7, H&C] 4 Drummond's willow
Salix eastwoodiae Cockerell ex Heller   [FNA7] 3 Sierran willow
Salix exigua Nutt. var. exigua    [FNA7, H&C] 22 narrow-leaf willow, coyote willow
Salix farriae Ball   [FNA7, H&C] 2 Farr's willow
Salix fragilis L.   [FNA7] 0 crack willow
Salix geyeriana Anderss.   [FNA7, H&C] 4 Geyer's willow
Salix glauca L. var. villosa (D. Don ex Hook.) Anderss.   [FNA7] 5 gray willow, glaucous willow
Salix hookeriana Barratt ex Hook.   [FNA7, H&C] 4 coastal willow
Salix lasiandra Benth. var. caudata (Nutt.) Sudworth   [FNA7, H&C] 3 Pacific willow
Salix lasiandra Benth. var. lasiandra    [FNA7, JPM2, H&C] 7 Pacific willow
Salix lasiolepis Benth.   [FNA7, H&C] 6 arroyo willow
Salix maccalliana Rowlee   [FNA7; not in H&C] 0 Maccalla's willow
Salix melanopsis Nutt.   [FNA7; not in H&C] 7 dusky willow
Salix monochroma Ball   [FNA7] 1 one-color willow
Salix nivalis Hook.   [FNA7] 5 dwarf snow willow
Salix pedicellaris Pursh   [FNA7, H&C] 6 bog willow
Salix ×pendulina Wenderoth   [FNA7] 5 weeping willow
Salix petrophila Rydb.   [FNA7] 8 alpine willow
Salix planifolia Pursh   [FNA7] 7 tea-leaved willow, plane-leaf willow
Salix prolixa Anderss.   [FNA7] 8 Mackenzie's willow
Salix pseudomonticola Ball   [FNA7] 2 false mountain willow
Salix purpurea L.   [FNA7; Draft Revised H&C] 0 purple or basket willow, purple osier
Salix ×rubens Schrank   [GA, KZ99] 0 hybrid white willow
Salix scouleriana Barratt ex Hook.   [FNA7, H&C] 7 Scouler's willow
Salix sessilifolia Nutt.   [FNA7, H&C] 6 sessile-leaf willow
Salix sitchensis Sanson ex Bong.   [FNA7, H&C] 6 Sitka willow
Salix tweedyi (Bebb ex Rose) Ball   [FNA7, H&C] 2 Tweedy's willow
Salix vestita Pursh   [FNA7, H&C] 3 rock willow

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