Checklist » Sapindaceae
Sapindaceae[HC2](Soapberry Family)
Aceraceae[HC]Maple Family
HippocastanaceaeHorse Chestnut Family

Notes: Taxonomy follows APG III (


» Thorne, R. F. 1992. Classification and Geography of the Flowering Plants. Bot. Rev. 58: 225-348.

Family information last updated 8/7/2012 by David Giblin.

Taxon (native taxa in boldface)
Common Names
# Synonyms
field maple, hedge maple
0 synonyms
Acer circinatum Pursh[HC, HC2, ILBC]
vine maple
0 synonyms
Rocky Mountain maple
0 synonyms
Douglas maple
3 synonyms
big-leaf maple
0 synonyms
box elder, box elder maple
9 synonyms
Norway maple
1 synonym
sycamore maple
0 synonyms
silver maple
4 synonyms
Aesculus hippocastanum L.[HC2, Stace 1997]
0 synonyms