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Violaceae   (Violet Family)

Notes: There is no single contemporay resource for the taxonomy and floristics of the genus Viola in Washington. As a result, the treatment here lacks a consistent taxonomic concept for what occurs in the state. Considerable work has been done on Viola since H&C, rendering that resource largely obsolete. The Jepson Manual and Jepson Manual, 2nd Edition contain contemporary treatments based on the work of John Little, however many Viola taxa in WA do not occur in California. The Illustrated Flora of British Columbia treatment has been referenced here where possible, but it too does not contain treatments for all of the WA Viola taxa.

Family Synonyms: (none)

Literature: (none)

Family treatment authored by Fred Weinmann; last updated 2/5/2010 by David Giblin
Taxon (native species in boldface) # Synonyms Common Names
Viola adunca Sm. ssp. adunca    [JPM2] 4 early blue violet
Viola arvensis Murr.   [H&C] 1 European field pansy
Viola bakeri Greene   [JPM] 1 Baker's violet
Viola canadensis L. var. rugulosa (Greene) C.L. Hitchc.   [H&C] 4 Canada violet
Viola epipsila Ledeb. ssp. repens Becker   [IFBC] 2 creeping violet
Viola flettii Piper   [H&C] 0 Flett's violet, Olympic violet
Viola glabella Nutt.   [H&C] 0 pioneer violet
Viola howellii Gray   [H&C] 0 Howell's violet
Viola lanceolata L.   [H&C] 2 lance-leaved violet
Viola langsdorfii Fisch. ex Gingins   [H&C] 2 Aleutian violet
Viola macloskeyi Lloyd   [JPM2] 4 small white violet
Viola nephrophylla Greene   [JPM2] 4 northern bog violet
Viola odorata L.   [JPM, IFBC] 0 sweet blue violet
Viola orbiculata Geyer ex Holz.   [H&C] 2 darkwoods violet, round-leaved violet, evergreen yellow violet
Viola palustris L.   [H&C] 2 marsh violet
Viola praemorsa Dougl. ex Lindl. ssp. flavovirens (Pollard) Fabijan   [Canad. J. Bot. 65: 2578. 1987] 0 upland yellow violet
Viola praemorsa Dougl. ex Lindl. ssp. linguifolia (Nutt.) M.S. Baker & J.C. Clausen ex M.E. Peck   [JPM] 6 upland yellow violet
Viola praemorsa Dougl. ex Lindl. ssp. praemorsa    [JPM, IFBC] 2 canary violet, yellow montane violet
Viola purpurea Kellogg var. venosa (S. Wats.) Brainerd   [H&C] 1 goosfoot violet, purplish violet
Viola renifolia Gray   [H&C] 1 kidney-leaf white violet
Viola riviniana Rchb. 0 dog or wood violet
Viola selkirkii Pursh ex Goldie   [IFBC] 0 great spurred violet, Selkirk`s violet
Viola sempervirens Greene   [H&C] 0 evergreen violet, redwood violet
Viola septentrionalis Greene   [H&C] 0 northern woodland violet
Viola sheltonii Torr.   [H&C] 0 fan violet, shelton's violet
Viola tricolor L.   [JPM] 0 Johnny jump-up
Viola trinervata (T.J. Howell) T.J. Howell ex Gray   [H&C] 0 sagebrush violet, 3-nerved violet, Rainier violet
Viola vallicola A. Nels. var. major (Hook.) Fabijan   [IFBC] 4 valley violet, yellow sagebrush violet

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