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×Agropogon lutosus (Poir.) P. Fourn.[FNA24]
perennial beardgrass

Publication: Monde Pl. Rev. Mens. 36(213): 20. 1935.

Origin: Introduced

selected vouchers: Not at WTU; WS?

Notes: FNA24: "xAgropogon lutosus is a sterile hybrid between Agrostis stolonifera and Polypogon monspeliensis that sometimes grows in locations where both parents occur, such as damp to wet, often alkaline soils on lakesides,. Some plants favor A. stolonifera, others P. monspeliensis. All differ from Polygogon in having more persistent spikelets, less blunt short-awned glumes, and lemmas with subterminal rather than terminal awns; and from Agrostis in having awned glumes and awned lemmas."

In H&C, Agrostis alba [the hybrid × Polypogon monspeliensis (not monospeliensis) is not discussed under either sp., but these two species look totally un-like. Agrostis articulates above the glumes, Polypogon, "slightly below the glumes" for starters.]

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Synonyms & Misapplied Names:
Polypogon littoralis Sm.
Polypogon lutosus (Poir.) Hitchc.