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Amaranthus tuberculatus (Moq.) J.D. Sauer[FNA4, HC2]
rough-fruited waterhemp, tall waterhemp

Publication: Madroño. 13: 18. 1955.

Origin: Introduced from the Great Plains of the central United States

selected vouchers: WTU

Notes: Reported from Klickitat Co. by KZ (Madrono 1955); reported from King Co. by Jacobson (2001). Taxonomy follows FNA.


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Synonyms & Misapplied Names:
Acnida altissima Riddell ex Moq.
Acnida altissima Riddell ex Moq. var. prostrata (Uline & W.L. Bray) Fernald
Acnida altissima Riddell ex Moq. var. subnuda (S. Watson) Fernald
Acnida concatenata (Moq.) Small
Acnida subnuda (S. Watson) Standl.
Acnida tamariscina (Nutt.) Alph. Wood
Acnida tamariscina (Nutt.) Alph. Wood var. concatenata (Moq.) Uline & W.L. Bray
Acnida tamariscina (Nutt.) Alph. Wood var. tuberculata (Moq.) Uline & W.L. Bray
Acnida tuberculata Moq.
Amaranthus ambigens Standl.
Amaranthus rudis J.D. Sauer[KZ99]
Amaranthus tamariscinus Nutt.