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Anthoxanthum odoratum L.[FNA24, HC, HC2]
sweet vernalgrass

Publication: Sp. Pl. 1: 28. 1753.

Origin: Introduced from Europe

selected vouchers: WTU

Notes: FNA24: "Anthoxanthum odoratum is native to southern Europe. In the Flora, region it grows in meadows, pastures, grassy beaches, old hay fields, waste places, dense shade or as a weed in lawns.... In southern British Columbia, it is rapidly invading the moss-covered bedrock of coastal bluffs, and will soon exclude many native species."

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Synonyms & Misapplied Names:
Anthoxanthum odoratum L. ssp. alpinum (Á. Löve & D. Löve) B.M.G. Jones & Melderis
Anthoxanthum odoratum L. ssp. odoratum