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Atriplex oblongifolia Waldst. & Kit.[FNA4, HC2]
oblongleaf orache

Publication: Descr. Icon. Pl. Hung. 3: 278, plate 211. 1812.

Origin: Introduced from Europe

selected vouchers: WTU

Notes: Reported for Washington in Bassett et al. (1983).

FNA4: "I. J. Bassett et al. (1983) indicated that Atriplex oblongifolia formed abundant, very fertile hybrids with A. patula in the Botanic Garden at Manchester University. This is a weedy species with facies similar to both A. dioica and A. glabriuscula var. acadiensis. The proximal branches at least are opposite, similar to phases of the nearly allied A. patula, however. It is likewise an introduced ruderal weed of roadsides and other waste places. Its spread in North America awaits documentation. The thin, entire fruiting bracts without appendages are pointed to as diagnostic of this entity from other similar species."


» Bassett, I. J., C. W. Crompton, J. McNeill, and P. M. Taschereau. 1983. The Genus Atriplex (Chenopodiaceae) in Canada. Agriculture Canada Monogr. 31: 1-72.
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