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Chaenactis douglasii (Hook.) Hook. & Arn. var. douglasii[FNA21, HC, HC2]
dustymaidens, hoary false yarrow

Publication: Bot. Beechey Voy. 354. 1839.

Origin: Native

selected vouchers: WTU

Notes: FNA21: "Most of the diploid elements of var. douglasii are distinctive and are connected by a morphologically continuous series of polyploids (usually assigned to var. achilleifolia). Some diploid forms (including var. rubricaulis and Chaenactis ramosa) appear repeatedly and discontinuously in suitable habitats. In particular, forms named var. montana seem to arise wherever the species reaches sufficient elevation. Such populations have no historic or genetic cohesion to justify their recognition as a collective taxon, even though their reduced stature may become genetically fixed in each instance. (Variety alpina, recognized below with hesitation, may be just an extreme such case.) "

Possibly not a syn, Kz99, BC & Chambers and Sundberg (2000) differ

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Synonyms & Misapplied Names:
Chaenactis douglasii (Hook.) H. & A var. achilleaefolia (H. & A.) A. Nels.[HC]
Chaenactis douglasii (Hook.) Hook. & Arn. var. achilleifolia (Hook. & Arn.) A. Gray
Chaenactis douglasii (Hook.) Hook. & Arn. var. glandulosa Cronquist[HC]
Chaenactis douglasii (Hook.) Hook. & Arn. var. montana M.E. Jones[HC]
Chaenactis douglasii (Hook.) Hook. & Arn. var. rubricaulis (Rydb.) Ferris
Chaenactis pedicularia Greene
Chaenactis ramosa Stockw.[HC]