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Last updated 12/18/2008 by David Giblin.
Chenopodiastrum simplex (Torrey) S. Fuentes, Uotila & Borsch[HC2]

Origin: Native

selected vouchers: WTU

Notes: A forest species that can occur in waste ground. Here we follow the taxonomy of FNA, and consider Chenopodium hybridum L. to be an Old World species not recorded in our area, with differences in the seed coat, pericarp, and chromosome number (Baranov 1964).

FNA4: "A closely related Eurasian diploid species, Chenopodium hybridum Linnaeus, probably also occurs in North America as introduced. Its occurrence in the New World needs confirmation. Chenopodium simplex differs from its Eurasian counterpart in having a smoother seed coat, a yellowish pericarp that is more adherent to the seed, and a different chromosome number (A. I. Baranov 1964; R. D. Dorn 1988b)."


» Baranov, A. I. 1964. On the perianth and seed characters of Chenopodium hybridum and C. gigantospermum. Rhodora 66: 168-171.
» Dorn, R. D. 1988. Chenopodium simplex, an older name for C. gigantospermum (Chenopodiaceae). MadroƱo 35: 162.
Synonyms & Misapplied Names:
Chenopodiastrum hybridum (L.) S. Fuentes, Uotila & Borsch, misapplied
Chenopodium gigantospermum Aellen
Chenopodium hybridum L. var. gigantospermum (Aellen) Rouleau
Chenopodium hybridum L. var. simplex Torr.
Chenopodium simplex (Torr.) Raf.[FNA4]