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Dicentra formosa (Haw.) Walp. ssp. formosa[FNA3, HC2]
Pacific bleeding heart

Publication: Repert. Bot. Syst. 1: 118. 1842.

Origin: Native

selected vouchers: WTU

Notes: H&C does not recognize subspecific taxa.

FNA3: "Andrews has been cited almost universally as the author of Fumaria formosa . However, Haworth's authorship of the sixth volume of Andrews' Botanists' Repository (in which this species was originally described) generally has been overlooked, and it was actually Haworth who first delineated F . formosa (W. T. Stearn 1944).

Early attempts to cross Dicentra formosa with D . eximia (2 n = 16) failed, possibly because the D . formosa parents were tetraploids. Several later hybrids between the two species received plant patents and have become widely marketed throughout the flora area and elsewhere (K. R. Stern 1961, 1968; K. R. Stern and M. Ownbey 1971).

Both subspecies, as well as hybrids between them and Dicentra eximia , are widely cultivated."

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