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Last updated 12/31/2007 by David Giblin.
×Elyleymus aristatus (Merr.) Barkworth & D.R. Dewey[FNA24]

Origin: Native

selected vouchers: WTU

Notes: The range map from FNA24 does not include WA within the range of this taxon. Until proven otherwise, this species should be considered excluded from the WA flora.

FNA24: "Dewey and Holmgren (1962) argued that xElyleymus aristatus comprises hybrids between Elymus elymoides and Leymus cinereus or L. triticoides. It has been found at many locations where the parents are sympatric."

References: (none)

Synonyms & Misapplied Names:
Elymus aristatus Merr.
Elymus glaucus Buckley var. aristatus (Merr. ) Hitchc.
×Elysitanion aristatum (Merr.) Bowden