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Elymus elymoides (Raf.) Swezey ssp. elymoides[FNA24, HC2]
bottlebrush squirreltail

Publication: Nebraska Fl. Pl. 15. 1891.

Origin: Native

selected vouchers: WTU

Notes: FNA24: "Elymus elymoides subsp. elymoides grows in desert and shrub-steppe areas of western North America, extending to the western edge of the Great Plains and, as an adventive, occasionally further east. It is frequently associated with disturbed sites."

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Synonyms & Misapplied Names:
Elymus elymoides (Raf.) Swezey ssp. californicus (J.G. Sm.) Barkworth
Sitanion hystrix (Nutt.) J.G. Sm. var. californicum (J.G. Sm.) F.D. Wils.