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Eriogonum codium Reveal, Caplow & K. A. Beck[FNA5, HC2]
basalt desert buckwheat, Umptanum buckwheat

Publication: Rhodora. 97: 350, fig. 1. 1997.

Origin: Native

selected vouchers: WTU

Notes: Restricted to Benton Co., recently described.

FNA5: "Eriogonum codium is a potentially endangered species known from a single site on volcanic bluffs overlooking the Columbia River in Hanford Research National Monument in Benton County. It is worthy of cultivation as a rock-garden plant, although little or no sexual reproduction is known in the natural population. The Umtanum Desert wild buckwheat is a candidate for federal listing and is considered an endangered species by the state of Washington. Much of the population was destroyed in a man-caused fire in 1997. The species is in the Center for Plant Conservation's National Collection of Endangered Plants."


» Reveal, J. L., F. Caplow, and K. Beck. 1995. Eriogonum codium (Polygonaceae: Eriogonoideae), a new species from southcentral Washington. Rhodora 97: 350-356.
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