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Glyceria grandis S. Watson var. grandis[FNA24, HC2]
reed mannagrass

Publication: Manual (ed. 6) 667. 1890.

Origin: Native

selected vouchers: WTU

Notes: FNA24: "Glyceria grandis grows on banks and in the water of streams, ditches, ponds, and wet meadows, from Alaska to Newfoundland and south in the mountains to California, Arizona, and New Mexico in the western United States, and to Virginia and Tennessee in the eastern United States. It is similar to G. maxima, differing primarily in its shorter, flatter lemmas and shorter anthers. It is also confused with G. elata and Torreyochloa pallida. It differs from the former in having acute glumes with long veins, more evenly dark florets, flatter lemma apices, and paleal keel tips that do not point towards each other. It differs from Torreyochloa pallida in its closed leaf sheaths and 1-veined glumes.

Glyceria grandis var. grandis is the more widespread of the two varieties, growing throughout the range of the species."

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