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Heterotheca oregona (Nutt.) Shinners[FNA20, HC2, OFP]
Oregon goldenaster

Publication: Field & Lab. 19: 71. 1951.

Origin: Native

selected vouchers: WTU

Notes: Taxonomy follows Oregon Flora Project (OFP) and Sundberg and Chambers (2000) in combining all of the varieties: "We treat this as a polymorphic sp. Semple et al. (1988) reports vars. oregona and rudis from OR, but these vars. have overlapping ranges in CA and distinctions between them are relatively minor."


» 1988. Heterotheca sect. Ammodia (Compositae: Astereae): A multivariate study of H. oregona and specimens of Brewer's (golden)aster. Syst. Bot. 13: 547–558.
» Semple, J.C., C. Leeder, C. Leuty, and L. Gray. 1988. Heterotheca Sect. Ammodia (Compositae: Astereae): a multivariate study of H. oregana and specimens of Brewer's (golden) aster. Sytematic Botany 13: 547-558.


var. oregona [FNA20, HC2]
Synonyms & Misapplied Names:
Chrysopsis oregona (Nutt.) A. Gray[HC]
Chrysopsis oregona (Nutt.) A. Gray var. oregona