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Checklist » Saxifragaceae » Micranthes rufidula

Micranthes rufidula Small [FNA8]

Origin: Native

Voucher: WTU (view specimen records)

Notes: See comment under S. occidentalis


Photo © Rod Gilbert
(from WTU Image Collection)

Taxon treatment authored by David Giblin; last updated 3/19/2010 by David Giblin
Saxifraga aequidentata (Small) Rosendahl
Saxifraga klickitatensis A.M. Johnson
Saxifraga occidentalis S. Wats. ssp. rufidula (Small) Bacig.
Saxifraga occidentalis S. Wats. var. aequidentata (Small) M.E. Peck
Saxifraga occidentalis S. Wats. var. rufidula (Small) Hitchc.   [H&C]
Saxifraga rufidula (Small) Macoun
Saxifraga rufidula (Small) Fedde   [KZ99]

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